12th International Medicinal Mushrooms Conference

SEPTEMBER 24-27, 2024

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Dear Colleagues and Friends

As Chairs of the 12th International Medicinal Mushrooms Conference (IMMC12) we are writing to inform you about the upcoming conference that we hope you can pass along to your fellow mycologists.

After Kiev (Ukraine) in 2001, Pattaya (Thailand) in 2003, Port Townsend (USA) in 2005, Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 2007, Nantong (China) in 2009, Zagreb (Croatia) in 2011, Beijing (China) in 2013, Manizales (Colombia) in 2015, Palermo (Italy) 2017, Nantong (China) in 2019 and Belgrade (Serbia) in 2022, the 12th International Medicinal Mushrooms Conference (IMMC12) will be held in Bari (Italy) from 24 to 27 September 2024.

The IMMC12 is organized by the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” and by the Italian Society for Medicinal Mushrooms (SIFM). The title of the Conference is “Medicinal mushrooms: the bet for the future of humanity” in order to create focus, in addition to the topics already covered in previous editions, especially on clinical studies to legitimize the use of medicinal mushrooms not only in integrated medicine but also among Medical Scientific Societies. The aim is also to engage, empower, evolve and explore knowledge among both academics and industry personnel. Another goal of IMMC12 is to engage young people, facilitate face-to-face meetings and increase their interest in medicinal mushrooms and their different applications.

As organizers we are confident that we will be able to host an excellent Conference in Bari (Italy) in 2024. Additional details on the plans for 2024 will follow soon.

With best wishes,
Prof. Maria Letizia Gargano (University of Bari)
Prof. Maria Letizia Gargano

Prof. Giuseppe Venturella (Italian Society for Medicinal Mushrooms)
Prof. Giuseppe Venturella

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Keynote Speakers

Dr Christoph Keßler (Germany)

Clinical experiences from the use of medicinal mushrooms in outpatient hospital settings in Germany

Dr. László Nagy (Hungary)

Basidiomycete fruiting body development: an exciting morphogenetic process and source of bioactive compounds

Prof. Robert Bruce Beelman (USA)

ERGO: A Potential Answer in Mushrooms for Healthy Aging

Dr. Tomáš Páleníček (Czech Republic)

Does the phenomenology of psilocybin experience predict long-term outcomes on mood and well-being?

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